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What exactly is my book?

It's a daily creative and mindfulness practice in a calendar journal setting. Each month you have a cycle, moon and mood tracker, a habit tracker, a calendar, daily illustrations to colour, note taking space and reflection and intention setting pages and the book also contains in depth annual reflection tools.


This is the third annual release with a limited edition print run of soft cover books. The journal is January to December 2024 with a different illustrative theme for each month. The book is a soft cover with a decorative autumn toned aesthetic. Inside this beautiful cover the paper is slightly cream tone 115gsm envirocare suitable for pen, pencil, fountain pens and even light watercolour! The photos here are of the 2023 edition, the 2024 journal will be a different colour, think mossy forest aesthetic.


The reflective journal is a perfect beginners or advanced daily practice for creativity and self reflection. In 2020 I really learned the importance of regular creativity and mood tracking for a balanced lifestyle. This journal is the result of using these tools for myself and finding them to be incredibly beneficial.


Set the space. The reflective journal is an A4 book intended to be used as an at home, self reflective journal rather than an on the go planner. Set up your space where you have your pens, pencils, a candle, some items that inspire and your journal. Consistency in space really helps you to use your journal regularly, giving you the most benefits from your creative and self reflective practice.


What’s in the book?

  • Season and sabbat wheel

  • Monthly moon mood fertility dream colour wheel

  • Monthly habit tracking

  • Monthly calendar

  • In depth reflection tools monthly and annual

  • Daily colouring activities

  • Monthly blank page sections

  • Monthly larger colouring activities

  • Monthly intention 


Season and sabbat wheel

The season and sabbat wheel is a tool I created to show all of these seasonal celebrations and annual milestones in one cercinct page. I had previously found it hard to find these catered to the southern hemisphere, so now I’ve made it easy for you to find!


Moon Mood Fertility Dream Colour Wheel

This tracker can really be customized to track anything. It has ledgers on each corner of the page which can be filled in to track anything by a quick colour swatch.You can use your chosen colour set and use that same set all year to make it easy to see your patterns at a glance.


Mood tracking is proven to have numerous benefits for your mental health. I have found it really helpful personally to see how my mood lines up with habits and my cycle.


Your cycle tracking can be to a moon or fertility cycle depending on your needs. Male and female identifying users can use this tracker and choose what they wish to track. Male users, women post menopausal or women who do not experience their cycle due to hormonal birth control or any other reason may choose to use the moon cycle as their base. Each month has the moon phases around the outside ring of the tracker.


Habit tracking

Habit tracking is very simple, you write what habits you want to take notice of down the left and put a dot on the day you did or did not do that action. I use it for positive and negative habits alike. Just a warning it can be brutal to look back on your first month, but then you know! And it's up to you what you do with that information going forward.


Monthly Calendar

Every month has a two page spread full month calendar. This can be used to track your day to day plans or take brief notes about what affected your mood, what you're grateful for or even a daily doodle. It's customizable to what the journalist really needs from it.


Daily Colouring Activities

Even 20 minutes of colouring is hugely beneficial, it switches on the left and right hemispheres in the brain. This helps with reducing stress and anxiety, improving motor skills, and helps improve your ability to focus! A lot of the time, in a standard routine your brain may not be getting this stimulation. My reflective journal has daily colouring activities, like an advent calendar of illustrations to colour! Plus a monthly title page with a compilation illustration of all that month's colouring activities in one larger piece.


In depth reflection tools monthly and annual

There is a section for reflecting each month for you to take note of what you are learning from in your trackers and applying to your next month. I find this helps me keep myself accountable for my goals moving forward. This year I have added more detailed reflection tools at the start and end of the year along with dedicated intention pages.


There is a blank page section at the end of each month. This is where you can add in your own custom charts, take notes, write journal entries, sketch… you get the idea, you can use it for whatever you like. What you use this blank section will probably change month to month depending on your needs.



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