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Making Paint & Ink from Plants in Regional Australia - Bunya

This is a video of the process I use on plants to make Inks, Paints, Illustrations and journal documentation for my Collecting Colours series. In this video I extract colour from a plant sample collected in Bunya to create a lake dye. From this Lake Dye I make an ink and pigment. With the pigment I create I make a watercolour paint. I create an illustration colouring only with the ink and paint made from this plant. I fill in a colour sample sheet to check lightfastness of all the paint I am creating, these results will be released at a later date after testing.

This project is supported by a RADF grant from the Moreton Bay Regional Council in partnership with the Queensland government.

Instagram: Chelsea Lomandra

Facebook: Chelsea Lomandra Art

Patreon: Chelsea Lomandra Vanlife Artist

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